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Copper Beech Family Office Services

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The CFS Group

NIW (New Investors World)

UFC (Universal  Financial Consultants)

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since 1988


Securities products offered through American Portfolios Financial Services,inc. member FINRA, SIPC. 4250 Veterans Hwy, Suite 420E Holbrook, NY 11741

Family Office Services for High net Worth Families


Todd A. Hammer, RFC is a Financial and Risk Mitigation Specialist at hammer Financial, responsible for working with both individual and corporate clients of the firm since 1988.

Hammer Financial Strategies

Premium Financing via different models and well-established programs

Individual Family Estate Planning

Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer –When G-1 is too old or young but sick, to qualify, yet has a $30M+ estate and substantial need for tax planning

Family Trust Revitalization- where existing trust is being diluted by too many beneficiaries

Business Buy-Sell, Key man and Informal Supplemental income for small Groups of 5-200

Charitable Planned Giving- Creates Endowments and tax-free cash Stream to Charity for decades- for individual endowment and Donor Groups

Pension Rescue (IUL structured to provide supplemental retirement income)

Tax free Cash Stream as a supplemental tax-free retirement income for life

Heavily discounted (discounted by 2/3rds) permanent life insurance coverage

Guaranteed Variable Life insurance – not dependent on returns in the mutual funds inside the policy

Loan Regime Split Dollar

Guaranteed return of all premiums life insurance planning

Life insurance planning with built in coverage for Critical Illness, critical Injury and chronic (LTC) Illness.

Annuity Programs that guarantee retirement income for life

Annuity Legacy planning providing an instant 15% bump on investment –helpful to the terminally ill. (i.e., $5,000,000 at zero risk, is guaranteed to become $5,750,000 immediately at death.)

Credit Shelter trust with life insurance to mitigate State estate taxes

FAMILY OFFICE SERVICES via Copper Beech Planning arm